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We are a subsidiary of Vitro

The main glass producer in Mexico and the largest in the Americas. Thanks to this partnership, FAMA is constantly updated to meet the current and future needs of the glass industry.

We have been in charge of creating integral solutions in machinery, automation and metal mechanics. We offer the service of design, manufacturing and repair of IS machines, inspection equipment, furnace engineering, plant design, automation solutions, etc., for the production of architectural, automotive and container glass, among others.

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Our values


Customer oriented:

At FAMA we want to solve the growing technological demands of your processes.

Operational excellence:

We are constantly searching for solutions to achieve the established goals and the highest level of quality for your company.


We are at the forefront with constant updating of processes and operations to make automation processes.


Technological development goes hand in hand with actions that protect and preserve the environment and the well-being of the community.


FAMA is consistent in following its values and demonstrating transparency and accountability in its processes.


Our core strength is people and their talents that are coordinated into a single force.



Implementation of glass melting with cupola furnace that facilitates production due to continuous melting.


Launch of the independent section machine or two-section IS machine that streamlines glass container production processes and reduces costs.


We started exporting molds and machinery thanks to our incursion into automation processes in the glass industry in Mexico.


Fabricación de Máquinas S.A. (FAMA) begins international operations.


We consolidated our position in the international market.


Expansion to other industries in the manufacturing sector such as packaging and metal-mechanics.

FAMA, a success story in the glass industry in Mexico.

Our company was founded in 1943 by Adrian Sada and a group of engineers for the technological optimization of the glass industry in Mexico and the world.

We have more than 80 years of experience as a subsidiary company of Vitro, with whom we collaborate with technology and engineering for their different industries, and as a distributor of modern and avant-garde machinery.

FAMA's international ISO quality certifications

FAMA demonstrates its commitment to the industry with international quality certifications for its products, services and supply chain.

Machinery with international quality certification: ISO 9001:2015


This certification guarantees the quality of the machinery created at FAMA in different aspects:

  • Design and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • After-sales service of machinery
  • Mouldings for the glass industry
  • Manufacture of gray iron castings
  • Marketing and technical assistance of supplied products

This certification endorses that FAMA’s model for supply chain security management complies with the international standard in various aspects: manufacturing, information management, logistics, storage in transit, warehousing of goods, etc., and allows the safe movement of goods both in Mexico and abroad.

International quality-certified supply chain: ISO 28000:2007