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FAMA celebrates its 80th anniversary

Last February 17, 2023, a celebration ceremony was held to honor FAMA’s 80th anniversary, where workers, retirees and managers were able to attend to enjoy the thanksgiving mass by the priest Ruseño Antonio Reyes.

In addition, engineers Juan Farias, General Director of FAMA, Humberto Figueroa, SVP Automation and Digital Transformation Vitro and union advisor Mario Castillo unveiled the commemorative plaque recognizing the great work of the entire team. Also, as part of the celebration, a dinner and a kermesse were held to encourage coexistence and celebrate the anniversary.

FAMA was born in 1943 as a subsidiary of Vitro for the supply of machinery, which shows the great trajectory and experience that we have maintained throughout all these years. FAMA is an extremely important part for Vitro to be one of the strongest companies in Mexico and we are proud of our team for their hard and continuous work.

Congratulations to the entire FAMA family!